Should Bingo Fans Play Slots?

Are slots worth playing at bingo sitesAre slots worth playing at bingo sitesAs players at online bingo sites we are often enticed by the slots and side games which seem to offer good value for money and a chance to win life changing jackpts. If that’s not enough to temp us then there alwasy the cure games like the ever popular fluffy favourites to get our attention. But, are slots really worth playing, and have we got a good chance of hitting the Jackpt? Let’s take a look at slot odds in more depth!

Slot Machine Odds

If you ever thought about the odds, which are possible in the slot gaming, you would know that it is possible to increase the player’s odds. Although the house always has advantage, the players can also learn the best from it. But before increasing your odds you are to understand your main goal in the game.

Payback Percentage

You might have noticed that some casinos claim that the slots payback percentage is 95 per cent. It means that they will return you 95 pence of each pound, which was played in that machine. But even 5 per cent of all the money is huge money for the casino and you see how casinos survive and even prosper.

Winning Chances

You count your odds with the help of simple actions. Let us assume that you play 5-reel slot, which has 17 symbols on each reel. Your winning chances in the game will be 1/ (17 x 17 x 17 x 17 x 17) = 1,419,857. So it looks like you have one chance in over a million tries to win. That is the reason you should be careful with choosing the slots and playing them.

Increasing the Odds

One of the best ways to start winning the game of slots is to increase your odds. One of the things you should do, first of all, before you start playing for money is to read the paytable of the slot machine. In the paytable, it is usually noted if there are some wild or scatter symbols. You will also learn if it is a bonus slot machine and whether you have a chance of the free spins or additional treats.

Another way to increase the odds is to manage your bankroll properly. If you want to win a large jackpot, you should play progressive slots. And at the same time, you should bet maximum to win the progressive jackpot. If you want just to enjoy the game, you can easily play any other type of slot machine for less coins but for some winnings.

My First Bingo Experience & Memories

My first bingo experienceEvery bingo lover I know remember his/her first bingo experience and memories, when I am playing bingo at offline bingo halls, I am chatting with my fellow bingo lovers, I have some stories and hear my other stories as well.

I am doing the same when playing bingo online depends on the chat going on and the bingo friends with me, hey I must feel comfortable enough, that’s the secret. I gathered here my personal bingo experience and memories and some of the wildest stories I have heard, hope you find it interesting.

My first ever bingo memory was a 4 days holiday back in 1980. My father worked for a big public transportation company and his branch had this fine holiday in a town I even don’t remember the name, all I remember it was near a beautiful lake.

The last day at the afternoon, all the employees gathered to play bingo in a nice hotel hall and we played bingo. That was the first time I actually saw my parents playing bingo, I knew they were playing bingo from time to time but I remember the excitement I felt before the game started, for me it was the highest pick of the whole trip.

That was no money bingo, it was play for prize bingo, at that day, my parents gave me 1 of their bingo cards, I remember I kept on praying the whole time, it was so important to me, I really wanted to win, 5 year old boy whose greatest desire at that day to win the superb prizes on stake.

The first few games, my parents didn’t win a single prize, I was so sad almost cried when I saw my father’s colleagues picking up their winning prizes and than, out of the blue at the 4th game, I realized I am winning this game, I was too shy to shout it out, a boy in the realm of adults and my mom noticed that and shouted out loud B I N G O, she told me it’s my winning and we walked out proudly together to pick up the prize, it was a Swedish cookie machine with the blue and yellow colors of Sweden. those were a hit in the 70-80th and as a boy who loves to eat cookies, I couldn’t ask for more.

That Swedish cookie machine followed me all of my childhood as I was helping my mom making those nice butter cookies until I was 12 (usually in the winter times). Every time my mom and I were preparing the dough, we mentioned it’s all coming from the prize bingo at 1980.

The game went on and my dad won a big brown jerrican, each time we went to a picnic or to the beach, the jerrican was there fully of cool water or lemonade. Both prizes are long gone, guess my parents got rid of them when I was a teenager.

My second early bingo experience is when I was 12 years old, my parents took us kids to a cruise, one of the nicest activities was bingo, well my dad also visited the casino but I was too young to join him :-)

The cruise ship was nothing fancy, I remember we joked about it and named her Exodus. It was a Greek cruise ship, the staff members were all Greek, they had an ok english but we laughed out hearts out from time to time in secret. The cruisers were half British and half Spanish because it stopped in Barcelona on the 3rd day and many Spanish cruisers joined in.

The bingo was so funny, the Greek staff member kept confusing the numbers, he called them up in 3 languages, Greek, English and Spanish at this order. The caller mixed up the numbers really nice, a typical bingo call was (1 ball):

I19 (Greek)

I23 (in English) and I45 in Spanish

Well none of my family spoke Spanish, we were aware of that because a guy who sat next to our family understood all 3 languages and he told us the caller was kept on mixing up the numbers also because every 15 seconds someone yelled B I N G O. The caller checked the bingo card and said your numbers are not matching. It was a total chaos and totally funny bingo experience, I remember I felt both relived and sad when the game was over, hey we haven’t won anything at that bingo cruise.

Move forward many Years and i now run diamond bingo a review site that I am passionate about and take very seriously. I hope it helps other bingo fans from around the UK find better games, bonuses and much more.

Understanding Online Bingo Regulation in the UK

Understanding Online Bingo Regulation in the UKWith the UK’s online bingo market set for even regulatory changes, our team at Diamond bingo decided to explain how online bingo is currently regulated in the UK.

In this guide, we’ll explain how bingo sites are regulated and governed by the UK gambling commission; the different whitelisted gambling jurisdictions; the steps required to gain a license; and the overall level of trust you can expect from bingo sites

1. How are Online Bingo Sites Regulated in the UK?

All bingo sites that advertise and provide services to players in the UK need to be regulated and licensed by the UK gambling commission, in accordance with the Gambling Act.

The gambling commission was established in 2005, taking over from the Gaming Board of Great Britain, in regulating the majority of gambling related activities in the UK. This includes both land-based casinos and remote gambling operators such as online casinos and bingo sites.

The UK Gambling Commission is a non-departmental, independent commission that is sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS). It includes around 200 employees and is funded by the license application and renewal fees of its members.

The main aim of the Commission is to promote fair, responsible gambling and ensure that licensees act in accordance with the requirements set out in the UK Gambling Act.

2: How Does Being Regulated Help Ensure Trust and Safety?

In addition to receiving a license, an operator must also remain compliant with the Gambling Commission during its whole operational activity.

Becoming compliant with the Gambling Commission requires operators to act in accordance with the UK Gambling Act (2005), the License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) and any technical standards that apply to operating licenses.

As can bee seen on the Gambling Commission’s official website, the commission ensures compliance through:

  • Carrying out reviews and visits
  • Giving specific advice and guidance to license holders
  • Taking remedial or preventative action
  • Imposing additional license conditions
  • Reviewing financial information

What this means for players is that bingo sites are required to provide you with a fair gaming experience and to keep your funds safely secured. This means when you deposit your money or play real money at a bingo site then you can rest assure that the games aren’t rigged and that everyone has a good chance of winning.

Finally, any legal issues at a bingo site can be reported to the relevant licensing authorities. This means that players will always have an avenue to discuss their grievances.

3. How Does a Bingo Sites Apply for a License?

Any bingo site that wants to advertise its services to UK players will need to be licensed by the UK gambling commission. There are two ways a bingo site can receive a license:

  1. Any country that’s part of the European Economic Area (EEA) is automatically allowed to advertise their services to UK players.
  2. Operators that have a license from the Gambling Commission’s official whitelist of accepted regions.

Any operator that is licensed by one of the above territories will be authorized automatically by the UK Gambling Commission (under the 2005 Gambling Act) to advertise to UK players.

The reason why these regions are whitelisted is because they meet the strict requirements and conditions of the UK gambling commission. This includes fair gaming, security, player fraud and ensuring the all players are at least 18 years of age.

Subsequent applications for regional authorities to become whitelisted by the Gambling Commission were closed in April 2009.

4. What are the Requirements of Applying for a License?

Bingo sites must meet a number of criteria before they can apply and have a license accepted. These vary from the different licensing authorities but in general include:

  • Gambling is conducted in a safe and fair way using random number generators (RNG) to prevent fraud
  • Gambling is not used to support criminal activities in the region
  • Gambling doesn’t affect children or vulnerable players
  • Operations are subject to rules of money laundering
  • Players can withdraw their winnings within a reasonable time period
  • Players can easily get in touch with the appropriate authorities to resolve any disputes arising at a bingo site

Once these requirements are met, an operator can apply for a license with their regional licensing authority and wait to be accepted

5. How Can I Find Which Bingo Sites are Licensed in the UK?

Bingo sites are required to publish their regulatory and license information on the homepage footer of their website, such has done below. If you can’t see any licensing information then you should avoid depositing money here.

License information on Homepage Footer of Website

The Gambling Commission also has a website set up that allows you to search and view the status of operators with and without a UK license.

The only issue with the website is that different operators have different types of licenses. For example, some sites will have “software licenses” while others will have “bingo” or “remote gaming” licenses.

6. White Label Bingo Sites that are licensed as Network Skins

It’s well worth noting that many bingo sites actually operate as skins and are therefore licensed by the bingo software themselves.

Many affiliates decide to launch bingo skins because they’re easy to manage (they can launch a skin in less than 2 weeks) and are already regulated through the software provider. This means that although the skin is realistically owned by an individual, for licensing and regulatory purposes it is regulated through the software provider.

What Happens if you have an Issue with a Regulated Bingo Site?

If you have any issues with a bingo site then you should first try contact the site itself. Most of the bingo sites promoted on offer live customer support and email, which will allow you to get in contact with the site.

Please note that you should also read the terms and conditions of the site carefully when it comes to things such as rollover bonuses, promotions and withdrawal requirements before you submit your complaint.

If you cannot resolve your problem then the next step is to contact the licensing body (see the footer of the site for licensing details) to address your problem.

Why do Most Bingo Sites Operate Abroad?

You’ll find that approximately 95% of bingo sites are based abroad in order to avoid the high taxes of the UK financial system. In the UK, remote gambling operators are required to pay 15% tax. This is in comparison to the 1% tax that online gaming companies pay in Gibraltar for example (capped at £425,000).

As you can see, it makes much more financial sense to base operations in whitelisted regions such as Gibraltar or Alderney then it does to remain in the UK.

If you want to know where a bingo site is based then this information should also available in the homepage footer of the website.

Team Bingo Games Explained & How To Play

Team bingo gamesBingo is usually seen as a game for individuals; users buy tickets and hope to score a BINGO as well as hope that nobody else will score it before them. However, bingo sites came up with an amazing idea of organizing Team Bingo games and tournaments. We at Diamond bingo love this idea and regularly take part.

These tournaments allow players to buy their own tickets and win prizes; however, they also play together with their teammates and fight for valuable prizes. Team Bingo is one of the best new concepts when it comes to online bingo games and its popularity is continuously growing. Here is some important information that will better explain the idea of Team Bingo.

Team Bingo General Rules

The main idea of Team Bingo resolves around forming teams of players and collecting points in order to win one of the first 10 places on the leader board. The formation of the team can be random and done by the bingo site or users can group up and simply inform the customer support service that they want to be a team. Once the team is formed, players play individually and every 75-ball bingo win or 90-ball bingo full house brings the team one point.

Usually, tournaments last for two weeks or a whole month. At the end of the tournament, the team that has the biggest number of points wins the main prize, while the rest nine teams get some smaller prizes. Team Bingo is available only to funded players and if a player is not active more than 30 days, she/he loses the right to be part of a bingo team.

What are the Prizes?

Besides the fun of playing in a team with your friends or meeting new people you have been assigned to play with them, this type of game is popular thanks to the valuable prizes players get.

Most of the bingo sites offer loyalty points as main prizes at Team Bingo Tournaments. However, those loyalty points can be redeemed for cash or bingo tickets that can make the player a potential pot prize winner. The prizes can vary from one bingo site to another; nevertheless, almost every bingo site that offers Team Bingo tournaments awards the first ten teams on the leader board. For example, at Wink Bingo the best team gets 170,000 LPS, the second-place team earns 120,000 LPS, the third 70,000 LPS, the fourth team is rewarded with 50,000 LPS and all bingo teams from sixth to tenth place get 15,000 LPS each.


Certain bingo sites allow players to form their own bingo teams by sending them an e-mail with the name of the team and the usernames of the players. However, to make these tournaments more exciting and unique there are bingo sites that randomly assign the teams.

There are different Team Bingo teams; sometimes, the team consists of two members and sometimes it can have up to four players. The player of the team who will score BINGO keeps the pot prize, but shares the point with the team. Therefore if three team members score a bingo, the team will have three points in total. Depending on the total number of points, teams are ranked on the leader board and know how many BINGOs they need in order to win the tournament.

Where to Play Team Bingo

Team Bingo is relatively new game and cannot be found at many bingo sites on the Internet. However, many of the leading bingo sites organise these tournaments.

All time favourite bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo and Posh Bingo offer exciting Team Bingo Tournaments with valuable prizes. Some other popular bingo sites that feature Team Bingo games are those powered by Gamesys; for example, users at Heart Bingo, Jackpotjoy Bingo and Sun Bingo can enjoy playing together and fighting for the first place. Additionally, 888 Ladies Bingo is another attractive bingo site where you can take part in tournaments. The bingo team to win the first place at this bingo site gets amazing prize of 600,000 LPS. A Team Bingo tournament at 888 Ladies Bingo lasts for two weeks.

Best Bingo Sites With No Wagering 2019

Finding the best bingo sites is one thing, but the new on trend bonuses are all about no wagering. Here we look at the best bingo sites with no wagering requirements which will please all you bingo bonus hunters out there i’m sure!

List of The Best Bingo Sites With No Wagering

Bingo Site
Bonus Offer
Read Review
Claim Now
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party and £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice.  Full T&Cs apply

Claim Offer
Deposit Just £10 Get £70 FREE + 10 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1. Free Spins expire after 7 days. All winnings will be credited to your real money balance. Promo Code: CRACKER. Full T&C’s apply. Valid until further notice.

Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit; £10, Max offer; Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favorites with winnings capped at £1). Free Spins expire after 7 days. All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply.


Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1. The Free Spins expire after 7 days. All winnings will be credited to your real money balance. Promo code:SUNDAE. Full T&C’s apply. Valid until further notice.

Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Full T&C’s Apply.

Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Play With £80 + Free Spins
T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply.

Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply.

Claim Offer

All the above bingo sites offer an amazing bonus, free spins but no wagering requirements. These bingo sites aren’t overly busy so winning is made a little easier. They are fully licensed and regulated so you know your money is safe. Importantly with all these you get a huge welcome bonus which we at Diamond Bingo thing is the best available.

We joined in this order and claimed the lot!

  1. Blingo bingo
  2. Yay Bingo
  3. Bingo Besties
  4. Cracker Bingo
  5. Blighty Bingo
  6. Sundae Bingo
  7. Hunky Bingo

have fun and enjoy hopefully winning at these amazing bingo sites with no wagering.

Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games Online

Progressive jackpot bingo gamesBingo players love big jackpots and winning valuable prizes with cheap bingo tickets. That’s why the best bingo sites started featuring progressive jackpot games that offer huge jackpot amounts that can be won by purchasing 1p, 10p or 50p bingo tickets.

The progressive jackpots increase every time a player buys a ticket and there are jackpots that can make someone richer for amazing sums of £5,000+!

What are Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games?

Bingo games that, beside the pot prize, offer jackpot prize which is constantly increasing are also known as progressive jackpot bingo games. This means that certain percentage of every bought ticket goes to that progressive jackpot amount resulting in some mouth watering cash prizes.

Progressive jackpot bingo games are very popular among players; hence, every bingo site has at least one of these games. For example, customers at Sing Bingo can join two progressive jackpot rooms: 90-ball Rock the House PJP and 75-ball Music Note & Diamond PJP. Some other bingo sites at which players can hope to win the progressive jackpots are 888 Ladies Bingo, Kitty Bingo as well as Castle Bingo.

How to Join

Customers who want to play some of the progressive bingo games have to buy tickets using money from their bingo accounts. The progressive jackpot games are open only to funded players who bought tickets for the particular game.

Players should find the progressive jackpot game they want to take part and select the tickets they wish to purchase. After they buy one or more tickets they need to wait for the game to begin and carefully see how the game develops.

Progressive jackpot games usually feature a chat window; hence, players can also chat with other users in the room or with the chat moderators. If nobody wins the jackpot, the game continues until somebody scores a bingo and wins the pot prize which is usually much smaller than the progressive jackpot.

What are the Ticket Prices?

Ticket prices for regular bingo games and progressive jackpot games are pretty much the same. Progressive jackpot games also offer regular prize pots and the only difference is that the progressive jackpot is won if a player scores bingo after a certain number of balls is drawn. For example, there are rules for some progressive jackpot games that say only a user who will mark off all the numbers in 36 or less drawn numbers (out of 90) will win the progressive jackpot. Therefore, these games are the same as the other games and the ticket prices vary; there are 1 penny bingo tickets, 30p bingo tickets, £1 bingo tickets and other prices.

How Big are the Progressive Jackpot Prizes?

The progressive jackpot amount obviously changes almost every second. Usually, there is a seeding guaranteed jackpot of £300, £500 or even £1,000 and that amount is growing continually; the more popular the bingo room, the bigger the jackpot amount is. Also, if a particular room is part of a linked progressive jackpot game, then the jackpot amount can be a life-changing money prize.

Kitty Bingo currently has six bingo progressives: 90-ball (£10,840), 75-ball (£8,109), Lucky Number (£10.07), Magic Number (£58.69), High Cut (£53.25) and Low Cut (£67.52). These progressive bingo games show how different progressive jackpots can be and how important is to choose popular and crowded bingo rooms. Nevertheless, when there are many players in a single room your chances to win are a bit low.

Bingo Chat Games, How To Play & Win

Bingo chat gamesBingo has always been attracting a lot of people. There are plenty of land based bingo halls where people gather to play bingo; the game is so popular that it is also broadcasted on TV.

The biggest reason for the popularity of bingo is that it is easy and simple to play and can make you an instant millionaire. This game of luck is also available for play on the Internet.

There are a lot of online bingo sites that offer various types of bingo games including chat games and slots/ instant wins. The bingo games that attract a lot of crowd are the chat games. They are one of the biggest reasons why people tend to play bingo online. They are played within ongoing bingo games via the chat window and can win you some extra cash or other rewards. Moreover, bingo chat games give players a strong feel of belonging to a bingo community. Continue reading to learn more about bingo chat games.

What are Bingo Chat Games?

As already mentioned, bingo chat games are player exclusively within ongoing bingo games through the chat window. Chat moderators announce the games and since many players use auto daub to mark off drawn numbers on their bingo cards, players can give their full attention to chat games as well as side games.

Bingo chat games give bingo players the opportunity to win free bonus cash with little or no investment. They also allow players to interact among each other. There are bingo sites that require a minimum deposit of £5 or £10 to be eligible to play chat games. Others allow all players to play the chat games as long as they have an active bingo ticket. Before you decide to play bingo chat games, make sure you check the rules and see whether you qualify for the games.

Some of the rewards given in these games are freerolls or unredeemable bonus cash that can be used to buy pickets. The idea behind bingo chat games is to give players a fun way to earn extra prizes and keep them coming back for more.

Variations of Bingo Chat Games

Bingo chat games are under constant innovation so it is hard to keep track of all variations. However, generally speaking, they fall into these three categories: Trivia, Buddies and Numbers. There are also many subcategories of them.

The bingo chat games that require roomies to answer general questions asked by the chat moderator belong to the Trivia category. Winners Trivia, for example, is a bingo chat game available at Winner Bingo where players answer questions related to culture, history, politics and so on.

Buddies bingo chat games require the pairing of two players in the chat room. They are usually subdivided into Up-Down Buddies, Birthday Buddies, Alphabet Buddies etc. For example, in the last version players whose username starts with the same letter as the bingo winner are given various prizes.

Bingo chat games that fall into the category of Numbers are related to the actual bingo game. Some number-related chat games are Birthday, Winning Number, Eggs Up, First Ball Out etc. In Winning Number, for instance, players predict the last ball called.

There are also themed bingo chat games that are often introduced during the FIFA World Cup or other important events like Valentine’s Day.

Top Bingo Sites For Chat games

Bingo Site
Bonus Offer
Read Review
Claim Now
Deposit £10 Play With £80 + Free Spins
T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1). All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply.

Claim Offer
Stake £10 and Get £40 in Bingo Bonuses & Free Spins
T&Cs Apply, 18+

New customers only. Register with promo code BINGO90. Minimum deposit and stake £10 on Bingo Tickets to qualify.£40 Bingo Bonus must be wagered 2 times prior to withdrawal. Bonus expires after 14 days. Bonus Balance is used prior to Cash Balance. 50 Free Spins on Rainbow Ryan credited within 24 hours of qualification. Free Spins expiry after 7 days. E-Wallet & Prepaid Card restrictions apply. SMS validation may be required. Full T&Cs apply

Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit; £10, Max offer; Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins (on Fluffy Favorites with winnings capped at £1). Free Spins expire after 7 days. All winnings will be credited to your real money bankroll. Valid until further notice. Full T&Cs apply.


Claim Offer
Deposit £10 Get £70 of Bingo Tickets + 10 Free Spins!
T&Cs Apply, 18+

First time depositors only. Min deposit: £10. Max offer: Bingo Tickets worth £70 (£30 on Street Party & £40 on Big Bang) plus 10 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites with winnings capped at £1. The Free Spins expire after 7 days. All winnings will be credited to your real money balance. Promo code:SUNDAE. Full T&C’s apply. Valid until further notice.

Claim Offer
Deposit £25 Get £50 Free - Winnings Paid as Cash
T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ Only, New Players Only. Deposit from £10. First deposit only. Any winnings can be withdrawn. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn. T&Cs apply

Claim Offer

Bingo Linx Games, Jackpots and Sites to Play

Bingo linx games and jackpotsIn order to attract as many players as possible, bingo sites use various strategies such as big bonuses, huge game selection and progressive jackpots.

Furthermore, bingo sites decide to work together and form bingo networks in order to offer even better service to its customers as well as bigger progressive jackpot amounts. Bingo Linx games are one of those progressive jackpots that are formed by customers from more than one bingo site. Bingo Linx games are popular because their chat rooms are almost always crowded and because users can win some incredible cash prizes.

How to Take Part in Bingo Linx Games

Taking part in a Bingo Linx game is very simple. First, you have to fund your account using your preferred payment method. Then, you should find the particular Bingo Linx game; they are usually located in the categories “special games” or “progressive jackpots.” Once you find the game, you can buy one or several pre-buy tickets and then wait for the game to start.

In order to join the room, you will have to open the game lobby and then select the desired room. The game will start at a scheduled time and all you have to do is chat, enjoy and hope to hit the jackpot! I’m sure you’ll meet some of our very own Diamond bingo team there too 🙂

Bingo Linx Sites

Bingo sites that offer the popular Bingo Linx games are the sites powered by Virtue Fusion. These sites feature daily, weekly and monthly Bingo Linx games that have huge jackpots, big number of players and affordable ticket prices.

Three well-known bingo sites whose players can take part in Bingo Linx games are Ladbrokes Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo and Sky Bingo. Because Virtue Fusion is one of the most common bingo software providers there are many other bingo sites where players can enjoy Bingo Linx games. Some of these bingo sites are Angry Bingo, Betfair Bingo and Beaky Bingo.

Bingo Linx Progressive Games

Bingo Linx is simply the name under which the linked progressive jackpot games are featured. However, each game is unique in its own way. The only two similarities between Bingo Linx games are the fact that they are linked and users from various bingo sites can play together in a single room. In addition, the ticket price is 50p.

For example, there are daily Bingo Linx games such as £5,000 Bingo Linx, £3,000 Bingo Linx and £2,000 Bingo Linx. Furthermore, every evening at 21:30 users can join the 21:30 Bingo Linx and hope to win a share of the £500 prize pool. However, there are also weekly games and one of the most popular is the £6,000 Friday Night Linx! Besides the amazing jackpot, users are rewarded with £1,000 for 1 and 2 TG.

Ticket Prices and Jackpot Prizes

Unlike other progressive jackpot games, Bingo Linx games have the same ticket price for all bingo rooms. Therefore, no matter whether users want to take part in the daily or weekly games, they will have to buy at least one 50p ticket. However, what varies is the jackpot amount. Usually, the daily games offer jackpots from £500 to £5,000, whereas the weekly and special event games have bigger jackpots of £6,000, £8,000 and even £10,000+.

The Super Bingo Linx games that is played the first Saturday of each month attracts players thanks to the mouth watering £10,000 jackpot, £5,000 Full House prize and £2,000 1&2 TG pot. Additionally, the first player to score one line is awarded with £1,000, whereas the two lines winner gets £2,000. Don’t forget, all of this can be won with a single 50p ticket!

Bingo Linx Chat Rooms

One of the features that make Bingo Linx games special and unique are the Bingo Linx chat rooms. These chat rooms are linked as well and people from various bingo sites can communicate and socialise with each other in a Bingo Linx chat room. For example, if you are a player at Paddy Power Bingo and your friend is playing at Angry Bingo, you can both chat when you join the same Bingo Linx room. This is great because these rooms form a stronger community as well as offer better entertainment since they are always crowded.

How secure is online bingo? Is it safe to play online?

how safe is online bingo?In the past couple of years, online bingo has become very popular, but there are still bingo fans that don’t want to play it. The reason for this is because they are not sure that online bingo sites are safe and secure.

As a legitimate concern, you indeed have to be very careful, especially when choosing an online bingo site to sign up with. The security measures a site uses as well as its privacy policy, license and banking are just few of the important criteria you should consider when you are looking for a secure online bingo site. Thankfully, nowadays the online gambling industry is well developed and mature enough, therefore, you can find many bingo sites that are both secure and fair.

How Secure are Online Bingo Systems?

All online bingo sites, including plenty of new bingo sites, say that they are safe and secure and protect players’ personal and financial data using the best security measures. But how can you tell how secure is an online bingo system and its operations? To answer this question, you need to consider key criteria that will give you enough proof that an online bingo site is as secure as it claims.

Firstly, you should consider the reputation of the company that owns and runs the site. Generally speaking, sites that are powered by well-known and reputable online bingo companies and use popular bingo software are safe bingo sites to register an account. Secondly, a secure online bingo website is the one that clearly states the security measures it uses on its Privacy Policy page such as SSL security encryption. Sites that use this encryption software are truly secure and protect all transactions and personal info.

Furthermore, players should make sure that their personal information is safe. Therefore, they need to find out more how a bingo site treats personal information. The site must clearly state that it will not rent or sell players’ personal info to third parties or use it for promotional purposes without authorization.

License and Banking

Besides the above mentioned criteria, bingo fans should also consider whether the bingo site is legally licensed and allowed to offer online bingo products and services as well as what banking options it offers to players. In general, safe online bingo rooms are licensed by well-known governments or online gambling jurisdictions and they have their license seal displayed at the bottom of their homepage. Bingo sites can be licensed and regulated by the authorities or jurisdictions in Gibraltar, Malta or Curacao among others so always check for license seals.

Regarding banking as a safety measure, safe bingo sites offer internationally recognized deposit and withdrawal methods like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, by Phone, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, ClickandBuy, boku and so on. Sing Bingo, for instance, is a great example of a bingo site that is licensed by the government of Gibraltar and that offers well-known and frequently used online banking methods.

Besides Sing Bingo there are also other secure online bingo websites on the Internet. We have done the job and selected the best and safest bingo rooms online and some of them are Moon Bingo, BGO Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo, Jackpotjoy Bingo and Virgin Bingo among others. All these bingo sites use SSL encryption technology, well-known software, have comprehensive privacy policy page, they are reputable and run by experienced operators as well as legally licensed. With them without doubt you will have secure, fair and thrilling online bingo experience.

rest assured however we test and retest all our featured bingo sites and have strict criteria which must be met before they are even allowed to be reviewed. Just another reason why Diamond Bingo is the UK’s best choice for online bingo fans to trust when looking to play real money bingo online.

A Quick Guide to Roulette For Bingo Fans

bingo roulette guideRoulette as we know it was first mentioned in a French novel of 1796 called La Roulette. The zero pocket was invented by Louis Blanc in 1842, which gave the house a 2.7 per cent edge and made roulette a big earner for casinos across Europe.

In the late 1800s, many countries outlawed gambling; the very same Louis Blanc established one of the last legal casinos on the continent in the city of Monte Carlo, which then became the gambling capital of the world. Ever since, roulette has had connotations of glamour and class.

With the birth of the internet and online roulette, the game has seen a resurgence in popularity. This is down to two benefits: the ability to play from your own home, and the possibility of bonuses and innovations within the classic game format. No zero roulette is a classic example of this, as Louis Blanc’s zero pocket has been removed, obliterating the house edge and giving players a better chance of winning.

Online roulette game guide

Step-by-step guide to online roulette:

  1. Decide on the value of the chip you want to place, then click on its desired location on the board. You can do this several times.
  2. Even-money bets you can place include red or black, odds or evens, manque (1-18) or passé (19-36), all of which have a return of 1:1.
  3. Other bets include numbers in a dozen, column, line, six, four, pair, or just one single number if you’re feeling brave. Some boards also incorporate special ‘voisins’ or ‘snake’ bets, so check the instructions to your individual game.
  4. You may need to click ‘confirm’ or ‘ok’ when you’re done, although some games have a time limit like real-life roulette. Now, just watch the ball clattering around the spinning wheel, and wait with baited breath as it comes to a stop…
  5. The amount you have won will show on the screen and be transferred to your account. Some versions of online roulette even include a chat room, so you can congratulate or swap banter with your fellow players.
  6. Some online roulette fans swear by a betting strategy, such as the Martingale or D’Alembic techniques. However, our online roulette tips are to spread your bets, keep your fingers crossed, and remember it’s all down to luck!

As you will probably know many bingo sites offer various roulette games. We haven written previously about bingo sites with roulette and most of the Diamond bingo recommended sites do offer roulette games along side their amazing casino slots. The important thing to remember is that roulette isn’t a social game, it’s not as fun as chatting away while playing bingo.

Roulette is fast and can cost you a lot of money in a short space of time. We would recommend avoidung it to be honest and stick to playing bingo for low stakes and great fun with other like minded players.